All The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Associate!

As an associate, you don’t have to idly stand by, hoping for crumbs of work to be tossed your way. You can control how successful, productive, and skilled you become. With more competition than ever before, lack of loyalty from patients, and our instant gratification society, it can be a challenge to keep patients in the practice and even harder to attract new ones. However, many associates are growing their careers and their following at a record rate despite these changed circumstances. These successful associates don’t buy into the theory that external factors dictate whether they succeed or struggle. Instead, they know their success is 100% dependent on the inputs they apply. Being better may help you to survive. Being different is what will allow you to thrive. Learn how with the Associate Awesomeness Project.

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In this practical course you will learn about

Easy-to-use methodologies, tools to test and measure performance, and entrepreneurial thinking for associateships. Within a short time, associates will go from passively waiting for work to being in full control of their careers. 

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